Client Services

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Develop a Winning Strategy

  1. Discuss with clients various features to attract top flight candidates to include:
    1. Organizational strategy
    2. Culture
    3. Market position
    4. Value proposition
    5. Career paths
  2. Determine Search Requirements
    1. Complete analysis of position requirements, responsibilities and compensation
    2. Based on client’s needs, timeframe and talent availability we determine the team members of our firm required and advise them of search requirements
    3. Develop source list of competitors, network with industry contacts, executive contacts database and initial sourcing calls

Search Implementation

  1. Candidate identification
    1. Search team conducts interviews with targeted source list of candidates
  2. Thoroughly qualify candidates to include:
    1. Technical, educational and experience match with client
    2. Reason for change
    3. Current and future needs of client
    4. Analyze achievements/developmental areas of each candidate
  3. Establish candidate’s commitment to relocation including interviewing of spouse

Candidate Presentation

  1. Verbal ⁄ written presentation of “short list” of qualified candidates to include:
    1. Relevant experience
    2. Achievements
    3. Personality/Cultural match
    4. Reason for career change
    5. Compensation requirements
    6. Developmental areas
  2. Manage the interview process and debrief both candidate and client
  3. Professionally release candidates that have been eliminated from the process
  4. Conduct a pre-offer preparation with candidate on start date, availability, revisit counteroffer and reconfirm commitment to the opportunity.

Candidate Delivery

  1. Present offer to candidate including all components of compensation, benefits, reporting structure and start date
  2. Facilitate negotiation between candidate and client to successful conclusion
  3. Once offer is accepted, we instruct candidate on the proper resignation process
  4. Contact with candidate up to and beyond start to insure a smooth transition